Short film of the month:

Welcome to the new year 2019 for the monthly film series with short films and background stories from over 20 years of our production activity. We start with the animation SPECIAL OFFER.

In January 2002, the euro was introduced as cash and thus many price tags became obsolete. Peter Roloff made a rough animated film with a thick pack of such signs given by a supermarket. Andrea Kuserau stuck to a point hundreds of price tags and Roloff filmed them single-frame with an aged Soviet 35mm camera, which almost collapsed.

As luck would have it, SPECIAL PRICE then screened at the Moscow International Film Festival.

By 2002 the time had already dawned for the analogue movie. It was also the (so far) last 35mm production of maxim film.

You will find more information about SPECIAL OFFER here. Enjoy the film and visit us next month again! Or subscribe to our newsletter.

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