Release of Emigration Novel Trilogy AUSWANDERERLIED

The exhibition tour UTOPIA: REVISITING A GERMAN STATE IN AMERICA, curated by Oliver Behnecke and Peter Roloff and organized by maxim film, has long ended, but the keystone of the project was still missing, the English translations of Rolf Schmidt's emigration novel trilogy "Auswandererlied". The trilogy is now being published in English on the [...]



TOGOLAND: IMPERIAL PROJECTIONS will go into production next year. Under the direction of Jürgen Ellinghaus, who was born on the Weser river and now lives on the Seine, films are shown in front of our camera in Togo, West Africa, which were made over a century ago in the German colony "Togoland". Together with [...]


MUCHA pauses

With the actual political decisions on the Covid 19 pandemic, it is now official: German cinemas will remain closed in December. MUCHA: THE STORY OF AN ARTIST WHO CREATED A STYLE will continue to pause. The premiere in Bremen with the German film team as well as screenings in Dresden, Frankfurt (Main), Karlsruhe, Lich, Munich, [...]

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