Welcome to the monthly film series with short films and background stories from over 20 years of our production activity.

For Sülbiye V. Günars (today active as Verena S. Freytag) short film MARIES HEART we had won the Danish actor Ulrich Thomsen. But then began the shaking, Thomsen was booked as a villain for a James Bond production and sat on call in London. A felt dozen times we changed our shooting plan and brought the travel agency with ever new flight bookings between London and Berlin to despair. The miracle happened, the Bond production released Thomsen for a short time, and we were able to shoot with him.

MARIES HERZ was then nominated for the German Short Film Award, but the nomination was surprisingly withdrawn. The film was at 25 frames per second exactly the allowed 15 minutes long. However, since only a running speed of 24 frames per second was allowed, the runtime was thus slightly longer. Calculate how many seconds. From the correct submissions we draw the lucky winner of a maxim film package.

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