Oliver Behnecke

Festival producer, director, arts manager; graduate of applied drama at the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen. Behnecke led several science festivals and theater projects, co-founded the Traveling Summer Republic.

Theater productions with performance groups “showcase beat le mot” and other in Hamburg, Berlin, Bochum, Hannover (1998/1999);

“New Era” (Giessen 2000): Imagine a city twisted the time… in Giessen night and day were reversed on the first weekend in July 2000, to celebrate the millennium in the middle of the year. 200,000 people participated in the event;

Science festival dedicated to the 200th birthday of the chemist Justus Liebig (Giessen 2003);

“Salon Education Bremen” (Bremen 2005) and “City of Science Bremen_Bremerhaven” (2005), education festivals as part of the Bremen European Capital of Culture bid for 2010;

“400 Years of University of Giessen” (2007), 400 events for the 400th Birthday of the University of Giessen with exhibitions, conferences, theater performances, concerts, scientific Sunday excursions and a large city-wide Festival of Science;

“Gardener Obligations” (Giessen 2010-2014): artistic and cultural planning process guidance on the way to the 5th Hessian State Garden Show;

Bremer Writers and Producers Award 2009 for the multimedia performance project “We are boarding”;

Since 2010, co-organizer Klub Dialog Bremen (platform of cultural and creative industries);

2012-2015 “Traveling Exhibition Utopia

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