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All About Tesla – The Research

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Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) patented the Alternating Current (AC) system we still use today. Around 1900, his vision was to transmit energy without wires so that everybody could have energy for free. Tesla’s vision failed. Today, he is almost forgotten – so the director Michael Krause went to find out All About Tesla. He started his research in New York City… Michael Krause met with busy researchers and adamant fans of Nikola Tesla. What do people do with Tesla’s inventions, ideas and visions today?

director: Michael Krause
genre: documentary
duration: theatrical 81 min. | TV 58 min.
format: HDCAM

original title All About Tesla – The Research
year 2007
director Michael Krause
producers Peter Roloff < Michael Krause
photography Michael Krause | Florian Pawliczek | Thomas Kutschker
music Graham Reynolds | Paul & Stephen Hone
editor Michael Krause
post-production supervisor Manfred Hielscher
sound mix Sven Bien
produced by maxim film in co-production with r&f films
with the support of MEDIA Programme & nordmedia Fonds GmbH in Lower Saxony and Bremen
With the appearance of (selection): Prof. Michio Kaku (New York City College); Les Drysdale (Sculptor); Dr. Thomas Valone (Integrity Research Institute); David B. Hamilton (Nuclear scientist); Prof. David L. Goodstein (California Institute of Technology); Dr. Ljubo Vujovic (Tesla Society of New York); Dejan Trbojevic (BNL scientist); Vladimir Jelenkovic (Tesla Museum Belgrade); Vesna Buncic (Tematski Park Nikola Tesla); Sabina Sabolovic (Curator exhibition “Normalizacija”); Stjepan Mesic (President of Croatia); Dr. Milorad Pupovac (Serb National Council Croatia); Dr. Velimir Abramovic (Philosopher, Institute of Time); Craig Newswanger (Holography Inventor); Bill Wysock (Tesla Technology Research); Dr. Harold E. Puthoff (Institute for Advanced Studies Austin); Nick Cook (Scientific journalist); Dr. Myron Evans (Scientist, ECE-theory); Alex Hill (Director ET3M); William H. Terbo (Grand-nephew of Nikola Tesla)
May 4, 2007 “tesla” at Podewils’sches Palais in Berlin


Swansea/GB 05/2007
New Jersey/USA 06/2007
Plymouth/USA 07/2007
Great Lakes/USA 09/2007
Long Island/USA 09/2007
Belgrade/Serbia 03/2008

“Blue Portrait” of Nikola Tesla in Northern Germany rediscovered! Excerpts of All About Tesla – The Research in a special exhibition in the NordseeMuseum Husum, Northern Germany
March – June, 2009.

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