Project Description

A never performed dance.


“Dance” is a miracle: The film makes the spectator complete movements that were never performed on the screen. Everything happens inside the head of the spectator.

director: Michael Krause
genre: experimental film
duration: 4 min.
format: 35 mm

original title Dance
year 1998
picture format 35 mm | 1:1,37
sound format Stereo Dolby SR
cast Angelika Boehm
writer & director Krause Berlin
photography Krause Berlin
editing Krause Berlin
music Peter Roloff (version 2015)
producer Peter Roloff | Krause Berlin
co-production maxim film and r&f Filmproduktion

Charlotte Shoemaker, San Francisco Performances, 2000:
I create the dance inside me, but not in my head – I feel it expanding within and enlivening my body. I feel a deep, full richness. I am going to put it last on the program so the audience can continue to experience “Dance” as they leave the theater.

Odense Film Festival

Philadelphia Intern. Film Festival, USA
1998 Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland
1998 Intern. Festival des Kurzfilms Wilhelmshaven, Germany
1998 Festival International du Film UNESCO Paris, France
1999 dance screen 99 Köln, Germany
1999 Ultima Film Festival Oslo, Norway
2000 San Francisco Performances, USA
2000 Grand Prix Carina Ari, France
2000 videodanza Napoli, Italy

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