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Project Description

Artists, scientists and families embarked to utopian ideas.

Island’s Congress – A Trip to Utopia

In German language

In summer 2005 a group of artists, scientists and families embarked for a weekend trip to utopian ideas. They sailed from the city of Bremen to the Weser river island Harriersand, a historical place in 1834. 250 emigrants had to bivouac for several weeks on this uninhabited island, they waited for a ship to America. The vision of the emigrants: the establishment of a democratic Germany in America. The video documentation accompanies the manifold journey to past, present, and future utopian ideas.

director: Gaby Lingke
genre: art documentary
duration: 56 min.
format: HDV

original title Inselkongress – Ausflug in die Utopien
year 2006
director Gaby Lingke
photography Manfred Hielscher | Thomas Kutschker | Reinhard Lorenz | Folker Winkelmann
montage Manfred Hielscher
Music Andreas Walter & Jörg Kaier | Kapaikos | Mandolinenorchester Stolzenfels | Uwe Möring
production maxim film

For more information about the “Inselkongress” (Island’s Congress) see

Giessen – The Great Giessen Escape – May 11, 2006

Theatrical Premiere
Bremen – Schauburg – June 15, 2006
in collaboration with Filmbüro Bremen e.V.

in June 2006
Harriersand – Inselhus | Brake – Utopian Library | Berlin – “Das Schiff”

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