Project Description

In a train to the lunar neighbor.

Peterchen’s Moon Ride

Mr Peterchen takes a trip to the moon.

A traveller collects pictures over many years, imagining himself on a journey to the moon. As Kai Peterchen, he has to deliver his film Dream Destination: Moon to the moon itself, in an attempt to earn money. Suddenly, he finds himself being interrogated – his photos of the far side of the moon draw him nearer to his fate. He floats helpless in outer space, while his wife lies in a delivery room back on earth. Filmmaker Peter Roloff filmed himself on various train journeys and becomes the character Kai Peterchen. It’s his face, but not his identity.

director: Peter Roloff
genre: travelogue
duration: 25 min.
format: HDCAM

original title Peterchens Mondfahrt
year 2007
picture format HDCAM | color | 16:9
sound format Surround 5.1
director | camera | sound Peter Roloff
montage Manfred Hielscher
studio camera Thomas Kutschker
music Peter Roloff | Jane Walton
script advisor Andrea Kuserau
HDCAM mastering Montagehalle
funded by Filmbüro Bremen and Bremische Landesmedienanstalt
production maxim film

Travel and dream images, illustrations of early journeys to the moon, an interrogation – filmmaker Peter Roloff mixes all the media. The dream-narration effortlessly combines different periods in time, stories, places. A train journey becomes a trip to the moon, the train becomes a space ship, the train station a platform in outer-space. These concepts are believable because the pictures, made abstract in the shooting or through the use of montage, comply with the storyteller’s logic. Everyday assumptions are questioned; the accidental suddenly becomes meaningful. ‘Peterchen’s Moon Ride’ is a film about the freedom of dreams.

Award: FBW Rating “Excellent”: “Compact and suspensefully told… encourages the stretch of imagination required for the viewer to appreciate the fantastical storyline.”

Historic background: “Peterchen’s Moon Ride” is named after the Gerdt von Bassewitz fairy-tale, which premiered as a theatre piece in 1911, and was successful both as a stage show and as a book. It’s the story of Peter and his sister, who fly to the moon with the beetle Sumsemann in a quest to find a missing leg.

Grenzlandfilmtage Selb, Germany
April 11-15, 2007

International Film Festival of Lifestyle
Szolnok, Hungary
October 8-14, 2007

Bremen, Germany
May 15, 2009

Bremen, Germany
May 12, 2011

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