Project Description

Stories of commuting.

Routes / Routines

In German language

Short stories of commuting, routes and routines of everyday life.
Conversations going over the River Weser – in trams, local trains and on a car-ferry.  Stories were collected of passengers in conversation during brief and more extended trips through Bremen and its vicinity: where are they travelling to, where are they coming from, is commuting itself a respite from the banal? In the film we hear the commuters and see the landscape during these daily journeys over the River Weser. A cinematic map of travel in daily life.

directors: Peter Roloff & Oliver Behnecke
genre: documentary
duration: 20 min.
format: XDCAM EX

original title Reisewege / Lebenswege
year 2009
written & directed by Oliver Behnecke & Peter Roloff
interviews André Feldhaus | Katharina Günther | Oliver Behnecke
photography & sound Peter Roloff
montage Manfred Hielscher

thanks to
BSAG – Bremer Straßenbahn AG
DB Mobility Logistics AG
FBS – Fähren Bremen-Stedingen GmbH
Hal över GmbH
NordWestBahn GmbH

special thanks to
Mirjam Dycker | Monika Frenking

produced by
maxim film with Traveling Summer Republic

in co-operation with Arbeitnehmerkammer Bremen,
performing arts series „Oasen & Zitadellen“

August 9, 2009
on a Weser River ferry boat
Bremen, Germany

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