Project Description

Arrival. Abandoned rooms. Laundry in the basement.

The Villa

Trilogy “Private – No Admittance”
Part 2 – Apartamento 114
Part 3 – The Move

A villa.
Abandoned rooms.
Laundry in the basement.
A rainy day in the winter garden.
Hot chocolate.
A friendly gathering.
Distant laughter.

Words and images intertwine to evoke a powerful sense of place while rousing associative memories in the viewer.

director: Peter Roloff
genre: short films trilogy
duration: 6 min.
format: 35 mm

original title Die Villa
year 1998
picture format 35 mm | 181 m | 1:1,37 | b&w
sound format Stereo Dolby SR
writer & director Peter Roloff
photography Peter Roloff
music | sound | editing Peter Roloff
poster artwork Andreas Koch
production maxim film

“Private – No Admittance”:
“The Villa” is the first of three short films (“The Move“, “Apartamento 114“) on life in rooms by Peter Roloff, all of them autobiographic in character.

Anne Borin, New York Exposition:
“As a ‘dreambuilt’ structure, the villa hides herself from reality. Only the everyday things lying around give their wordless proof of a real world, enhanced by the differing moods of light throughout the day. Bathed in this light we wander in time and space.”

Director Peter Roloff:
“In the dark of a warm summer night, together with friends, I stood before the villa for the first time – a giant of a house. In the following two years, we became part of her nearly one hundred-year history. We lived in her rooms, came close to her, yet never owned her. When we left, we left hardly a trace.”

“100 Posters”:
Certificate of honor for film poster “The Villa”. Design and screen print by Koch und Kesslau.

Locarno International Film Festival

“Mostra” São Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil
1997 Festival Tous Courts Aix-en-Provence, France
1998 International Film Festival Figueira da Foz, Portugal
1999 33rd New York EXPOsition of Short Film and Video – Eastman Kodak Award
2001/2 Festival Tous Courts Aix-en-Provence, Festivals’ Aixpé / 20th Anniversary
2002 Zebra Poetry Award, Berlin, Germany

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