Project Description

Die Suche nach der Familie öffnet den Blick.

Letters of Stone (AT)

How is the current rise of right-wing racism, authoritarian populism and nationalism connected with the Rehoboth Basters in colonial Namibia, with the eugenics scientist Prof. Eugen Fischer in Berlin in the 1930s, with the writer’s father’s feelings of guilt in South Africa, and with the murder of his Jewish family in the Holocaust?

This film is about the search of Steven Robins, a South African Jewish anthropologist, for traces of his German Jewish family’s past in Berlin, and how this morphed into a story about breaking silences about his own discipline and its complicity in colonial racial science in Southern Africa and elsewhere in the world. What he discovers are direct links between racial science research done in the early 1900s in German South West Africa, and the emergence of Nazi eugenics that directly impacted upon his father’s family in Berlin in the 1930s and early 1940s.

The film will show how the current rise of ethno-nationalism and anti-immigrant populism in Europe draws on discredited racial science ideas that are being resuscitated by the far right in Europe, and elsewhere in the world.

Regie: N.N.
Buch & Erzähler: Steven Robins
Genre: Dokumentarfilm
Länge: ca. 80 Min.
Status: Entwicklung

Regie N.N.
Mark Kaplan
Buch & Erzähler Steven Robins
Montage N.N., Tiny Laubscher
Kamera Mark Kaplan, Thomas Kutschker
Produzenten Steven Robins, Peter Roloff
Produktion Steven Robins in Koproduktion mit maxim film

Recherchen & Projektentwicklung gefördert von
NRF – South African National Research Foundation
Stellenbosch University, Südafrika

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